Employability for persons with disabilities

Inclusion is good for business

What if SMEs pursue disability diversity in the workplace as a valuable resource that benefits business rather than “moral” or “law” obligation?

1 out of 2 persons with disabilities is still unemployed in the EU Member-States

While national legislations promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour-market

Clearly, there is an untapped human capital potential and a core area of intervention.

Profitable and sustainable companies, in the 21st century, go further than inclusion. They cultivate, embrace and operate in an inclusive mindset.


People with disabilities develop unique skills and talents exactly due to their disability. Given the unemployment rates, these talents remain unexploited, either because employers hesitate to include them in their workforce or/and because persons with disabilities themselves do not have the tools to develop and promote their unique skills.

Beyond Inclusion creates a new pool of job candidates that are empowered to promote themselves, while at the same time it highlights the benefits SMEs could have if they pursue to include this untapped human potential into their working environment.

This is the intriguing dual objective of Beyond Inclusion project

  • Trigger a disability inclusive SMEs mindset, where disability is a benefit
  • Equip persons with disabilities with the appropriate tools, practices and soft skills orientation, as well as with a methodology on how to best demonstrate their unique skills in a professional context or when seeking for a job.


Why going Beyond Inclusion is good for your business?

Creates a diverse and more productive workforce

Diverse skills among employees contribute to team success! Recent survey reports that 87% of companies that brought a person with disabilities on board, gained a valuable and retainable employee. And 70% of employers found that their working environment improved.

Increases customer loyalty

Studies show that customer tend to stay more loyal to businesses that promote diversity by employing people with disabilities. According to a national survey in USA, 92% of consumers felt more favourable towards companies that hire people with disabilities

Fosters employees’ engagement

Employees in inclusive workplaces are likely to be more engaged and motivated.

So, let’s go Beyond Inclusion!